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To Inform and Empower Society on Environmental Pressures and Solutions

The aim of our website is to inform citizens, farmers, local community groups and especially our young generation of the many pressures that impact our environment today and into the future. Also to show practical solutions, their benefits and opportunities.  


Young people facing their future need to be aware of these pressures and understand the remedies they can engage in collectively along with the opportunities for new careers that arise from shaping a zero carbon transition.

A primary objective is to inform teachers, trainers and local champions so they can share this evidence based knowledge with their pupils and their local community. 

Climate Change -Climate science, impacts and ways to mitigate greenhouse gases in buildings, transport, food and farming practice. Opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.  4 Class Modules:  1) Climate Science 2) Solutions for Home Energy (heat and power) 3) Sustainable Transport 4) Farming Practices.

Biodiversity Wonders and value of nature and evolution of diverse species.

Water Quality and Protecting River Catchments - Freshwater - a precious resource. Natural water cycle, and human water cycle, impacts on river catchments and restorative solutions. Impacts on drinking water quality to health. Solutions to water pipe network and treatment of wastewater and marine and coastal waters.


Air Quality and Health - Value of clean, fresh air. Sources of air pollution, chemicals, PM, NOx and VOC emissions, their impacts, causes and remedies. Indoor air quality & ventilation.

Circular Economy - Impacts of production and consumption, life cycle of products from cradle to grave and a shift from the current linear economy from take, make dispose to closed loop cradle to cradle, circular economy. An economy where all waste converts to a useful resource.

Developing World Issues Impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable in the Developing World.  Creative awareness and understanding of the pressures and explore ways to build capacity and resilience


Sustainable Development goals - All 17 United Nations goals need to be addressed by 2030 however, our focus is on the environmental goals, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

By Duncan Stewart

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, all sessions have been postponed.  Stay safe and we will keep you updated when sessions will resume.

TY Launch, Galway, Monday 18th November

Galway Science Festival, Sunday, 24th November

Sustainability Education 

Date for Laois Wrap Up Session to be confirmed

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