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Eco Ed 4 All – Householder training programme in Laois:

–        4 training sessions


1.Ways to make our homes sustainable:

Sustainable & energy efficient home.

a) Use of heat & power in our homes.

b) Consumption of energy & CO2 emissions over past 30 years.

c) Projections for next decade (compare BAU or by transitions in accumulative fuel consumption, expenditure and CO2 emissions) 

d) Current status of performance of Irish homes in energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

e) Compare a Passive House? A1 BER rating to a G rating: How to achieve a deep home energy retrofits.f) External elements: (roofs, external walls, windows/external doors, ground floor.



2.  Home Insulation:


a) Roofs:

Pitch roofs (attic floor):

Flat roofs:


b) External Wall insulation techniques  & U-values.:

Solid & hollow-block walls:

double leaf masonry walls:

(External wall insulation, Internal dry-lining, cavity fill).  

Timber frame insulation techniques:

Traditional /Historic Buildings


c) Windows & external doors:


-Window Frames



-Ground Floor Insulation techniques: 

-Effect of cold bridges. Permeability of external elements, Air-tightness. 

-Air-quality & Ventilation:

- Sustainable Energy Communities:


3.  Renewable Energy in the Home:

To replace fossil fuel in the home for heat & power and fuel for personal transport.

a) Solar (Roof-top PV & Thermal collectors):

b) Wind energy:

c) Bio-energy (biomass & AD biogas)

d) Energy storage.


4.  Sustainable Energy Systems for heat & power:

a) Building Energy Rating.

b) SEAI grants and support.

c) Sustainable Energy Communities

d) Heating systems

e) District Heating system.

f) Heat-pumps & Heat Recovery Ventilation systems.

g) Embodied carbon in the manufacture of materials & products for home construction.

h) Efficient use if electricity in the home.


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